Re: Save the poor children and win valuable prizes

Erik Moeller (
Wed, 07 May 1997 20:51:27 +0200

Tony B. Csoka wrote:

> >Which I am, and I'm working hard to prove it. Maybe in about 3 or 4
> >months, maybe in a year, I can give you a fully documented analysis of
> >the effects of economic liberation (and economy & freedom in general).

> >I find it amusing that certain beliefs must not be questioned on the
> >Extropian mailing list. U sure you aren't a religous cult? :-)

> I think the question is : is economic liberation beneficial to the *global*
> situation. History bears witness to the fact that economic liberation is
> definately beneficial to national economies...

No, it doesn't.

High economic growth rates to not mean a high life standard. It's
sustainable economic development that counts.

The example of Russia shows best that market liberation makes many
people very poor and a few very rich. The average differs and is
dependant on the power structures in the country, the economic
relationships and the existing economy.

Besides, the most boosting economy of the century, the Japanese, is
characterized by high state intervention.

Erik Moeller