Re: Extropianism and Nudism

Kennita Watson (
Mon, 5 May 1997 22:05:14 -0700

> I know many of you may say that it is a trivial matter, but I think it's
>deeper than that. It's about freedom. Please respond with comments,
>whatever your opinons are. Thanks. Shawn Johnson

Yes, it's deep. Yes, it's about freedom. But so are lots of things.
I have chosen to leave that particular battle unfought for the nonce.
It's a special case, and I prefer to work on the general principles
of tolerance, rationality, nonaggression, and do on.

>From the song "Live and Let Live", by Leslie Fish:

Whatever you may choose to wear is no concern to me.
Wear nothing, or gorilla suits, or gowns made in Paree.
Just don't sit naked on my chairs, it's sure to leave a splotch,
And don't complain to me if you get sunburn in your crotch.

Live and let live is the only thing to do.
The causes we can fight for don't need adding to.
Freedom and survival are cause enough to hit,
So stick to what's worth fighting for -- forget the diddly shit.


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