Extropianism and Nudism

Tue, 6 May 1997 00:10:43 -0400 (EDT)

As an independent thinking extopian, I would like to ask everyone of
their opinion on the following idea. Since we do not believe in coercion,
and we don't believe in using force against others (except in self defense),
then it would seem to me that there would be no "crime" committed by being
nude in public.
In an Extropian type, anarcho-capitalistic society, clothing would
definately be optional. I only raise this issue because so very many people
think it is "evil" to be nude. I think mandating that all people wear
clothes is somewhat like mandating that everyone have car insurance. It's
great for the clothing industry, and to foster control over people, but it's
seems to me that "mandatory clothing in public" is as rediculous of a concept
as any of which I can think.
I know many of you may say that it is a trivial matter, but I think it's
deeper than that. It's about freedom. Please respond with comments,
whatever your opinons are. Thanks. Shawn Johnson