Re: "Save the poor children" and "Pyramids"
Mon, 5 May 1997 23:51:18 -0400 (EDT)

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<< Remove government and you get a dictatorship of banks / monopolies. Much
worse than gov't could ever be. Freedom? You'll be so free, you'll want
to buy a whole load of guns in order to defend yourself from street
thugs. Equality? Raising life standard? Nope. But nobody who defends
markets claims that -- that's natural selection. Eat or be eaten. Live
and let die. >>

Oh, come now, Erik. Think about it. If you remove government, you also
remove all the rules and regulations, not to mention subsidies, which are
allowing these monopolies, banks, and such to exist in the first place. If
government were completely eliminated, so would be the source(s) of power
which monopolies and banks now hold. Almost immediately, alternative sources
of everything would pop up all over by free marketers who would like to earn
a profit. New banks, not held to stupid "Federal Reserve" standards would

As for your comment on what you think would be an apparent rise in crime,
that's also rediculous, but the part about us all buying guns is true. We
should all have them anyway, to protect ourselves from others who may use
force against us, to rob us or harm us. But these "rebels" would soon
discover that using force against people in an anarcho-capitalistic society
is about the fastest way to "check out" of this life. Anyone I catch robbing
me or trying to harm me, once we have an anarcho-capitalistic society, will
find themselves dead quite quickly. Force may be used only when someone else
is using force against you or your property. That's my opinon.

Sincerely, Shawn Johnson