Re: Save the poor children and win valuable prizes

Tony B. Csoka (
Mon, 5 May 1997 16:51:28 -0700


You make the rules, and I'm not going to try and break them just for the
sake of it, but I disagree that there are certain topics that should not be
discussed on this list. Even the basics should be questioned from time to
time. Since you defined extropy, and outlined most of the principles, it is
your job to vigorously defend them in debate, rather than outlawing
discussions. If you take the standpoint that there are certain principles
that cannot be questioned, you are no different to the Spanish Inquisition.
Extropy is going to come under a huge attack from certain section of the
community in the future, once the meme really starts to propagate, so you
had better get used to it.

I wish to point out that I respect you and your creative/analytical mind
and I agree with most of the extropian principles. Furthermore this post
does not in any way constitute a personal attack.

Tony B. Csoka

>This discussion does not belong on the Extropians mailing list. If Erik and
>others want to argue about whether free markets or state control are best
>for poor children, take it to the Transhuman list, or some other place.
>The list rules are very clear about this. Eric broke the rules. I ask
>others not to respond to his posts on this topic here. Let's keep this list
>for its intended purpose.
>Erik, your comment about religious cults was asinine and uncalled for. Do
>you publish articles on totally irrelevant topics in Homo Excelsior? Would
>you publish an article comparing two makes of automobile, or a how-to guide
>on brick-laying? Didn't think. So please respect the founding principles of
>our list. Extropians love to debate economic issues, but this list is not
>the place for this discussion.
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