Re: Save the poor children and win valuable prizes

Michael M. Butler (
Tue, 06 May 1997 06:34:17 -0700

Agree that baaed on the list rules this thread is inappropriate.

I suggest either the paid subscription (or variant) or the institution of a policy that topics like free-market vs (x) *must* be discussed purely in E-Prime--violators to be banished, no warning, no exceptions.

Harsh, but effective.


At 03:53 PM 5/5/97 -0700, you wrote:

>This discussion does not belong on the Extropians mailing list. If Erik and

>others want to argue about whether free markets or state control are best

>for poor children, take it to the Transhuman list, or some other place.


>The list rules are very clear about this. Eric broke the rules. I ask

>others not to respond to his posts on this topic here. Let's keep this list

>for its intended purpose.


>Erik, your comment about religious cults was asinine and uncalled for. Do

>you publish articles on totally irrelevant topics in Homo Excelsior? Would

>you publish an article comparing two makes of automobile, or a how-to guide

>on brick-laying? Didn't think. So please respect the founding principles of

>our list. Extropians love to debate economic issues, but this list is not

>the place for this discussion.



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