Re: "Save the poor children" and "Pyramids"

my inner geek (
Sat, 3 May 1997 22:24:02 +0000

On 4 May 97 at 23:43, Erik Moeller wrote:

>I can't talk for Extropians, but I can talk for myself. And I know
>that economy and free markets is what makes those people poor.


Some facts are so simple and obvious that somehow they get

Free markets and economies don't make poor children. Parents do.

If you'd like to educate the future parents in these economies so that
they don't make even *more* poor children, you might consider
designing some educational materials designed specifically for the
villages you have in mind.

Then, when Teledesic goes on line, set up a school in the third-world
village of your choice. Then, instead of experiencing all this
frustration and heartache from afar, you'll be able to make a direct

As you learn the language and lessons, keep an on-line journal on the
web. If you find your experience to be rewarding, perhaps your
strategies can be replicated by others that have similar goals.

Who knows, maybe all the armchair saviors will play the third-world
like a video game, providing enlightenment and relief with all the
pinpoint accuracy of smart bombs and cruise missiles.

(You've probably already looked at it, but just in case, see - start planning and organizing now, and in 5 years
perhaps you'll be ready launch your humanitarian campaign. P.S., I
too have been programmed with values that encourage pro-social
efforts. The Extropians simply insist that you not FINANCE these
efforts by involuntary taxation. Do what you need to do, just make
sure you raise your money in a way that is entirely voluntary.)

my inner geek