Re: "Save the poor children" and "Pyramids"

Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 04 May 1997 18:50:20 -0400

E. Shaun Russell wrote:
> Erik Moeller wrote:
> >> The thing that will help the poor worldwide far more than anything
> >> else is economic development
> >> [...]
> >
> >I can't talk for Extropians, but I can talk for myself. And I know that
> >economy and free markets is what makes those people poor. Liberating
> >markets even more would replace one system of injustice with another one
> >much worse.
> Come now, Erik. First of all, I must comment that you are speaking
> on the extropian list about a fundamental list ideal...a general faux pas.
> You are most certainly entitled to your own beliefs, but the tone in which
> you are conveying them appears to be one of condescension.

Not to mention that he is wholly inaccurate. While the differential
between our richest citizens and poorest citizens is larger than
anywhere else, we still have the richest poor people in the world (save
countries like Luxembourg and Kuwait that have no poor citizens, the
poor ones are non citizens). How many nations count a TV, VCR, and
automobile as part of a poverty level existence?

If you think its just my American bias, listen to Stalin's grandson who
is on record as saying: "In my country, we struggle to make everyone
equally poor, while in your country, you struggle to make everyone
equally rich." That is the essential difference between socialist and
free market economies.

> Second of all, if you are going to persist in ethical arguments,
> please back your posts up with some facts as well as opinion. As the posts
> stand now, they seem to be more ranting and raving about personal thoughts
> than fact-based economical arguments. Please consider what other people
> have to say, rather than charging ahead with set ethics. Most of all, keep
> your mind likes a cynic.

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