Questions from Annette Ware

John Blanco-Losada (
Sat, 3 May 97 10:01:31 -0400

I received the following questions from Annette Ware, a
soon-to-be-graduated student at Mount Vernon College in Washington, D.C.
I will be sending her my own answers, but she agreed with me that it
would be a good idea for me to post this to the list so that she can get
a broader range of opinion.

Please address your replies to her at, but note that
because she is graduating, she will not be using this address after May



>Questions, Questions, Questions!!!
>1. What is it that is significant about extropianism?
>2. What are the guiding principles of it?
>3. How does it work; what is the philosophy that extropians follow; that
>extropianism promotes?
>4. Is there any spirituality connected to extropianism?
>5. Why would someone (you, if it's easier) choose to become an extropian?
>Thanks for your help!

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