EXpedition97 is two months away!

Sat, 3 May 1997 09:51:56 -0400 (EDT)

There's still time to sign up for EXpedition97, an "extropian backpacking
trip" I'm organizing and guiding over the July 4th holiday. For details,
check the URL of the web page I've created for this event, listed in my sig

So far, the following folks have responded with a definite "yes", "probably"
or "maybe":

Defeinitely Yes

Greg Burch (GBurch1@aol.com)
Max More (maxmore@primenet.com)
Natasha V. More (flexeon@primenet.com)
Nadia Raven St. Crow (QueeneMUSE@aol.com)

Definitely Probably

Steve Petri (petri@ni.net)

Defnitely Maybe

Gregory Houston (vertigo@triberian.com)
Peter C. McCluskey (pcm@rahul.net)
Dejan Vucinic (dejan@mit1.fnal.gov)

At least four to six other folks (depending on whether they come with a
friend/mate/pet AI) have expressed an interest that may still ripen into
coming along.

This trip can still be easily scaled up to include more people, so feel free
to contact me if you'd like to join us. Please include the term
"EXpedition97" at the begining of the subject line in any e-mail to me on
this subject.

Greg Burch <Gburch1@aol.com>----<burchg@liddellsapp.com>
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