Re: Re[2]: This is not The National Inquirer
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 13:46:47 -0400 (EDT)

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<< a) Mike Rose, me, did not post the original 'water-car' mail
2) he dosn't believe the car works
c) nor does he believe is doen't/couldn't
iv) he was just interested in the fact that some guy had managed to get
his 'theory' published, and that the guy must be lying if his opponents
are correct. The article seemed to say that he rides this car

I just wanted to know if it was an outright lie, the product of delusion
or something some people may have missed. Seeing as none of the opponents
seemed to have read the offending article I am still uncomfortable with
picking any one of the above.


Yes, he claims that it works, drives the car regularly, even showed it to the
news media (who refused to air it). He researched hydrogen generators
extensively (not fusion plants, or maybe he did(did not say)), and perfected
a way of making a car run on water. The article he wrote is actually the
directions on how to make it. You think they'd publish that if it didnt
work? I dunnOOooo......