Re[2]: This is not The National Inquirer

Guru George (
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 06:51:15 GMT

>Actually I find the political claim--the idea that some unnamed agency
>of government might be capable of supressing a spectacularly valuable
>invention, that it would be in their interest to do so, and that the
>effect on the economy would be anything but positive--even more ludicrous
>that the pseudo-scientific claims, and strong evidence that the author
>is not merely a harmless crackpot but trying to perpetrate a deliberate
>fraud upon his readers for some purpose I can only speculate. And while
>I might have some sympathy for innocent dupes, I have none for criminals.

Well, what about FDA shenanigans? As a libertarian, surely you think
there's something a bit fishy going on there? It's not too much to
extend one's paranoia a bit more, is it?

Guru George