Scientific Ignorance

Perry E. Metzger (
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 10:50:36 -0400

[Yes, folks, its the nasty Perry, back from years of exile.]

> From:
> WHere is he getting the power to electrolyse the water? From power
> plants of course. I highly suggest that you get some hard facts on how
> much power his system demands from the grid.
> Actually, I believe the power comes from the alternator.
> - -danny

I see that you are one of the members of the population Piaget found
were simply incapable of abstract reasoning. I suppose it isn't your

> From:
> The whole deal on this water car and why the government doesnt like it is
> that ANYBODY can convert their car to run on water through a simple process
> of building a hydrogen converter and changing some things in the engine,
> putting the oil companies out of business, and ruining the pacts they have
> with the government and the economy.
> - -danny

Tell you what. Convert your car. Show those evil government types a
thing or two, eh? Its not like they can't keep you away from all the
water you'd like to run your car.

Now go away and call back when you've done it.

> From: MikeRose <>
> On Sun, 27 Apr 1997, John K Clark wrote:
> > We've been trying to find a mechanism to ensure that all posters
> > to the Extropian list have the ability to get a C+ or better on a
> > 5'th grade Science test, but as your post demonstrates we have not
> > always been successful.
> Fine, condemn me.
> If this list has such a 'mechanism' then consider me un-subscribed

Really! PLEASE!

> I am sure Da Vinci or Picasso would have both failed your little test.

Da Vinci was considered a scientific genius in his own day, and
probably would have passed any test given by his contemporaries.

Picasso was an artist, and I am not sure I would have cared to hear
his opinions on subjects like medicine or how to propel cars.

> I actually got a double A in science. This was in a country in which
> the standards are (in my (albeit limited) experience) higher than those in
> the US.

I suppose that tells you how low the standards have gotten in the
U.S., eh?

Look, go off, convert your car to run on nothing but water
(electrolysed by the current you get from the alternator), and hail a
passing UFO.

When I started this mailing list (a long, long time ago in a galaxy
far, far away) it was not supposed to be for a bunch of fuzzy-headed
UFOlogists debating whether the government was trying to keep cars
running on water away from the public. It was supposed to be an oasis
for our little clique -- unashamedly so.

I'm not embarassed by the idea of a private space for friends to
unwind, let their hair down, and happily chat away about whether it
was more likely that people would go back to the gold standard under a
free banking regime or use some other sort of backing, or to discuss
whether beta carotine is or isn't something you should be taking to
extend your life, or to exchange information on whether the state of
the art in space launch vehicles is actually progressing.

I have nothing against the existance of other sorts of people, but in
a world hostile to pleasant conversation among people with whom you
share a rationalist anarcho-cryonicist world view, it seemed nice to
have an online space of our own.

> "Those who have their head up the ass of science are blind to the
> stunning vistas of reality. This used to be true of religion, but the name
> has changed to protect the 'intelligent'."
> - 'Book of Joy', M.El.Mir

Look, FEEL SUPERIOR if you want to. I don't care how you feel. I just
don't want to have to waste my time reading about crap. Maybe you are
right -- maybe we're all idiots for not believing in the water powered
car running off of hydrogen electrolysed with the alternator -- but
frankly I'd be happier if you left us to our fate while you prayed for
the return of the aliens who will come bearing the magic water power