Is their blood just a theory to you?

Hal Dunn (
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 22:18:13 -0400

>From: Lee Daniel Crocker <>
>Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 16:18:33 -0700 (PDT)
>Subject: Re: Compulsory service
>> You are speaking from theory. In reality, I don't think anyone has yet
>> shown that a society without compulsion can compete with other societies
>> in the real world.
>> until they have been proven to work, it's silly to get indignant about it.
>First you might prove to me that your idea of society works. What's
>your chosen example, the US? Where hundreds of thousands of innocent
>men and women are jailed every year, whole cities are impoverished by
>inflation of fiat currency and barriers to business entry, twice as much
>money is stolen from working families as is necessary for education, and
>yet fails miserably to educate them, tens of thousands are killed by
>overregulation of medicine, thousands have been sent to kill and die on
>foreign soil for political reasons, thousands more have died in secret
>medical experiments and state-sactioned murders? Is their blood just a
>theory to you?

Well put.

>If it seems silly to you to be indignant about such things, I suggest
>that you are simply lucky enough never to have felt the shackles on
>your own hands or to have buried good friends. Utopia might not be
>possible, but since I can't run simulations of whole societies to find
>out, I must rely on principle and reason.

Hasn't Bart Kosko done some work on simulations of free vs. not-so-free

>Reason tells me that a free
>society would work, and would be less likely to commit the atrocities
>that every govenment in human history has committed. It would be
>inhuman not to work toward that goal.

Hal Dunn