Re: TAX EDU: ( was Compulsory service)
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 15:51:41 -0400 (EDT)

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> twice as much
> money is stolen from working families as is necessary for education,

So simplistic. Half truth.Somewhat valid comment made less valid by
oversimplifying relationships. Context dropped intentionally.

Some families likely feel this is stealing - and the compulsary nature of
taxation does not work out for everyone. This is a valid point. Some find it
acceptable, others not.
Qualified in that light it *could* be fairly called stealing.
But not if I agree to pay it willingly. And I would.

However, among those who favor educational taxation, some agree that if it
was spent better, we would willingly pay for social institutions like
schools, and would even spend *more* on education ( for the selfish reason of
wanting a better, more advanced society) - even some who do not have school
aged children. The problem is far more complex, and in most debates,
arguments abound as to where and how the money is misused and if private
sector schools not controlled by and involving less govt. money would be
Then we get into voluntary taxation, trusts, school bonds, vouchers, etc.