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Wed, 16 Apr 1997 00:32:14 GMT

On Tue, 15 Apr 1997 08:51:01 +0200
"ard" <> wrote:

>> Excuse me, before we go any further, can I just make a reality check: do
>> you have a point or are you just rambling? (I've been under the
>> impression that you were making a point; it's ok if you're rambling, but
>> that would require a different kind of response. Also, do you think
>> it's possible that you might be being a wee bit pretentious?)
>> Guru George
> We have never been accused of being a "wee bit pretentious". Usually it
>(the pretentiousness) is preceded by "a lot" or "grossly".
> The point, being....that games, whether finite or infinite have nothing to
>do with legitimatcy or "spiritual dodgyness". The win-lose games are ego
>food, at least for the winners. The win-win games are cooperative
> Talking about rambling...what was the plea to lead all about?
Don't understand that last, but re the games:- all games are cooperative
ventures in a sense (to the extent that rules are followed). The 'ego
food' is what I meant by spiritual dodgyness'.

Guru George