ard (
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 08:51:01 +0200

> Excuse me, before we go any further, can I just make a reality check: do
> you have a point or are you just rambling? (I've been under the
> impression that you were making a point; it's ok if you're rambling, but
> that would require a different kind of response. Also, do you think
> it's possible that you might be being a wee bit pretentious?)

> Guru George

We have never been accused of being a "wee bit pretentious". Usually it
(the pretentiousness) is preceded by "a lot" or "grossly".
The point, being....that games, whether finite or infinite have nothing to
do with legitimatcy or "spiritual dodgyness". The win-lose games are ego
food, at least for the winners. The win-win games are cooperative
Talking about rambling...what was the plea to lead all about?