Believing in nothing, progress

Steve Witham (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 00:00:01 -0400

Mike Rose writes-

>Well... I belive in NOTHING. I have come to realise that everything
>is just a game/filter/theory/map/menu etc. etc.
>For operation of my bio-computer in the 'real' world I have to choose a
>game/ritual/theory (which deep down I know to be a lie).

I don't know, is a game or filter the same thing as a lie?
Aren't they really just choices, like choosing which city to live in?
I mean, do you believe there is a more real reality behind these things
that they're covering up? Or is this choice of games just the way it is?

>[...]I refuse to stick to any one emic reality for any length of
>time. This is [...] bad as progress is slowed almost to a stop.
>I was wondering if any other extropians had similar difficulties[...]

I had two separate depressed years where it seemed existence was
baseless and there was no reason to go on. Also a pretty long period
where I felt I just didn't *want* anything. The thing that helped me
was realizing that I sure didn't *want* to feel depressed, I didn't
*want* life to be empty, etc.

For instance, you talk about lack of progress as a problem. maybe you want
"progress." Or, maybe not, when you look at it. But if that sounds
bad, it means that there is some "good" way you wish things were. Also
you talk about tolerance as a good thing. Or maybe you're overdoing

Anyway it worked for me. At least started me moving.


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