Re: Help: Legislation: Being Heard [Communication: Organize (Make Friend Not Associate)]

Mike C. (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 01:20:50 -0400

>Thank you for your motivating message.

Dankon for being motivated Don.

>I would like help in promoting legislative support for anti-aging
>research. We are learning grass roots techniques in influencing
>legislation. We need realistic goals that would be accepted by decision
>makers. Letters and phone calls to legislators get results if we know
>what issues to promote and have credible information to educate them.

Know people intimately;
know their thoughts before suggesting ideas.
Know all by name, policy, and hobbies;
know who they are, what is happing to them.
Let conversation be fun, and to the point.
Do NOT send a novel unless they ask,
offer to explain more.
Decorate letters for attention;
be noticed.
Relate suggestions to their past ideas.
Let them know you share views.
Be their new best friend;
do NOT seem obsessive.
Send Inexpensive gift they like: flower, candy, cigar,
donation in their name to charity, thing for child/loved one.
Let them feel love,
remember they are people.