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Mon, 14 Apr 1997 01:39:22 GMT

On Sun, 13 Apr 1997 23:14:19 +0200
"ard" <> wrote:

>> Yes, of course there are games without winners or losers, but there are
>> games with winners and losers too, and those are quite legitimate as
>> games too. My point is that there is nothing intrinsically spiritually
>> about winning/losing scenarios.
> Good, because in this game you have just lost!
> Why bring up the legitimatcy of finite games?
> Who cares about spiritual dodginess?
> How did you react after reading the first sentence?
> What does that reaction tell you about yourself?
Excuse me, before we go any further, can I just make a reality check: do
you have a point or are you just rambling? (I've been under the
impression that you were making a point; it's ok if you're rambling, but
that would require a different kind of response. Also, do you think
it's possible that you might be being a wee bit pretentious?)

Guru George