Re: The Emotional Computer

Hara Ra (
Mon, 07 Apr 1997 00:13:54 -0700

I used to wonder why many nerds seemed to be so socially and emotionally
inept. IMHO, for the usual factors, some of us are better at and more
rewarded for social skills and others of us are better at technical
skills. In many ways the technical skills are simpler in that it is
easier to get replicable results with things than with people. I began
as a very emotionally inept nerdic type, and over the years acquired
some social skills, and a very much better appreciation and knowledge of
emotion and the types of signals emotions indicate. I do often wonder
if, say, a good mentor had appeared in my undergraduate days, I would be
a physics nerd today.....

And, just as a >H thought, perhaps there are other signaling complexes
yet to evolve as we become more able to manipulate our structures for

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