Re: Help: Communication: Organize (Make Friend Not Associate)

Mike C. (
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 03:30:31 -0400

> (Mike C.) wrote:
>> Help us help each other.
>Necessary, because none of us can continue to stay alive without help.

What are you doing to help?

>>Transhumans, extropians, metamorphosists, and cryonicists unite!
>You could also have included the CRSociety, and Longevity-digest lists
>and the sci.cryonics and newsgroups.

Thank you.
I'm sorry I did not have their addresses.

>While they all want indefinitely extended life-span (although I am not
>sure this is true of all transhumanists)

If they do not want to live
let us try to help them love life so much
they will change their minds.

>>Any who place faith in same belief and practice as
>>I support my cause and I should treat with respect and friendship.
A friend to life is a friend of mine.

>>I do not want to be unknown person posting messages!
>>Let us know who we are!
>>We probably do not know each other; that does not help us.
>>Tell me who you are; I want to know you.
Let us help know each other through each other.

>message correspondence is a first step in getting to know someone.

I have talked to many who I will never see again;
I am SHAMED I let that chance of friendship pass by.
A person willing to communicate is worth having as a friend forever.

>getting to know someone better can have a negative effect.

If I understand someone I can only love them
enough to forgive them any thing.

>> Let us know what you think should be done, what need be done.
>>What are your problems?.
What can I do for you?

>>Tell me what you want;
>>if I were your slave for life what would I do?
>I would rebuke your efforts and ask you to set yourself *free*.

I am free to slave.

>>Help me help you.
>You can help me best, by becoming convinced of my priorities and doing,
>in your own best way, whatever you can to further them as a free person
>and an associate.

Friend, tell me more of your priorities.
Let the world know what you would have it do.

>>Let us get organized to do more than talk, to control our lives.
>>Let us work together and cooperate.
>>What are we doing?
>>I learn and teach; I want to learn what you want me to teach you.
>knowledge I desire cannot be taught.

You must learn from somewhere,
taught by nature,
taught by god,
taught by teachers,
taught by me,
taught by you.
Be taught and learn.

>>though there is no thing I can not do if I try hard enough.
> If a number of us "try hard enough"
>with all our other positive attributes,
>we may succeed in vastly extending our lives.
>>What can we not do?
>>I can not be immortal yet and it makes me sad, afraid, and angry,
but I will NOT let that stop me.

>>Let us learn how we could do it, then do it.
>>We need a plan;
>>if you listen to me I will give you one.
Listen to me,
>>you will be led;
>>Sit on your ass,
>>you will be dead.
>>You choose and you choose now!
I choose life.

>This sounds like the "come-on" of a guru/cult-leader

Am I "coming-on" to a cult?
If you do not know what to do I will help YOU decide.
I want to help get us where we want to be.
Leader or not, here I come!

>>If I get one person motivated and bring their brain to life
>>we will be one step closer to our goals.
>True if their brain is not already alive. However, this might be taken
>as an insult to many of us whose brains *are* alive.

OK friend, how's this?
If I get one person motivated and bring their brain *more* to life
we will be one step closer to our goals.

>>WAKE up!
>>We are DYING!
>>Our DNA is being TORN APART by free radicals!
>>Bacteria, virus, and fungus are DEVOURING our cells!
>>We are eating TOXINS!
>>People are STARVING!
>>People are KILLING each other and themselves!
>>Natural DISASTER is known world-wide!

Let us prepare to explain to others
how these and other things can be stopped.
If everyone ate controlled calorie restricted diets
we would be fighting at least 3 of those problems
free radicals, toxins, and starvation,
as well as living longer.