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Natasha V. More (
Sat, 12 Apr 1997 21:34:38 -0700 (MST)

At 02:24 PM 4/12/97 -0700, The Low Golden Willow wrote:

>On Apr 12, 1:42pm, "Natasha V. More (fka Nancie Clark)" wrote:
>} At 11:37 AM 4/12/97 -0700, The Low Golden Willow wrote:
>} >Would this be the MysteryWare hinted at some months ago by Max and Greg?
>} >This is what happens when secret projects get worked on slowly in
>} >private; people start having other ideas.
>} Oh, I don't know about "secret." That's kind of a stretch. Projects that
>} take time don't cause people to starting having other ideas. People have
>} ideas regardless of what is happening and what's not.
>No one's said much about what the stuff might be, or when, besides
>"soon", it might come out;

Your right, no one did, and this is a good point. It should be started by
the end of the summer, before or directly after EXTRO-3. Node Net is an
idea created by Greg Burch, the full name is "Scientific Technical and
Professional Special Interest Groups", or "STP-SIGS." It was explained in
the most recent newsletter.

>Ah well, I can't really criticize something I don't know anything about,
>can I?

You could, but that wouldn't be wise, would it?
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