Re: META: traffic-limited list idea

Kathryn Aegis (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 11:57:26 +0000

Lee Daniel Crocker:
>The fact that reader attention is valuable and posting is free leads
>to an obovious tragedy of the commons that the proposal helps solve.

It may be obvious to you, but it is not obvious to me. Many of us on
the Internet subscribe to ten or more lists and have learned to
manage the postings quite effectively with our email software. I
don't believe in restricting bandwidth to any participant in any
manner, because there is plenty of room for everyone and we all
possess filters and delete keys. I can zap fifteen posts or more at
one keystroke if I want to, I don't grudge the ten seconds that takes
to anyone.

>From my perspective, having to make an accounting of my resources
every single time I post to a list renders that process more complex
and timeconsuming. It is clear to me that your goal is to limit the
voices on this list, and I refuse to buy into that concept.
To me, it is vitally important that persons be encouraged to post
more than they do, because so many wonderful ideas and thoughts are
not getting heard here.


Kathryn Aegis