Re: META: traffic-limited list idea

Kathryn Aegis (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 15:33:16 +0000

>Insofar as 'exi-paid' would be a separate list, I think Kathryn's
>objections are beside the immediate point; we can try the idea and see
>what happens.

I should have been more specific in my prior post. What sent my
attenae up was not the suggestion of adding another list, it is the
generalized assumptions stated regarding access and participation.
The post I read cast the issues into terms like 'control' and
'limiting access' as if everyone agreed that these were paramount
concerns. Prior discussion that led to the development of the 'node'
concept indicate that many list participants are interested in better
management and encouragement of intellectual discussion.


Kathryn Aegis