Rights {Re: Uploading (Who Is Who?)}

Mike C. (mikec@jax.gulfnet.com)
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 16:31:29 -0400

>From: GeoffCobb@aol.com
>Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 11:15:34 -0500 (EST)
>mikec@jax.gulfnet.com (Mike C.)writes:
>> Is memory of the event enough to cause guilt?
>> It is an implanted memory programmed into it during creation.
>This raises an interesting point. What is the PURPOSE of establishing guilt?

response ability,
they want the ability to respond for the purpose of security.
I guess some people believe in the concept of
"It's your mess, you clean it up wether you want to or not.".

>Interestingly, in Shawn's original post he inquired into the concept of
>"punishment" -a hot topic in debate circles.

Warning: vultures circle.

> But the list did not pick up that thread.
>Culpablitity means one has been rendered "harmful"
>and punishment attempts to repair and pervent further harm.

I think electricutions, firing squads, hangings, fatal injections,
beheadings, dunkings, impalings, and crucifixions (need I go on?)
are quite harmfull and have sent bodies into deep disrepair.

>Is it even effective?

If you kill the killer and there is an other a killer on the loose.
I makes no difference to me if you have a "good-guy badge" or not.
UN:UDoHR:Art.2:..."without distinction".

> Can preventative measures be more effective?

Do you want medicine that keeps you healthy,
or medicine that makes you better after you are sick?

>> Is capability of murder enough for guilt?
>> Who is not capable of knifing some one?
>This raises another ethics question:

Ethics are informal laws.

>Do you past experiences make you what you are?

I AM what I AM.
I AM no longer what I WAS.
I do not live in the past.
Does the past even really exist?
I have heard an Native American saying that roughly states,
"There is only the now.".
Presently there is only the present.
Memories can be resonant waves.
Is an echo my voice even after it has bounced off rocks and changed?
No, it has changed due to reflection, refraction, and resonance.
According to Webster a thing that has changed
has by definition been made different.

>(One comes upon this question when confronted with the OJ trials.)

Deja vu.
Did he use this as a line of defense?
Why does it come up so often with this subject?
The man is not guilty, it is official.
He is to be presumed innocent.

>Most people would fear a known killer, they would judge him capable of
>repeating the act - even expect it in some.

If O.J. were guilty would he be able to kill her again?
Do these people have the right to judge?

>Re: the last question:
>Many are capable, should we punish them before they do it?

Are you sure they WILL?
Do you know the future?
The only ones that are truly capable
are those that are supported
by the laws of physics, nature, and nature's god.
If you kill them before it is done they were not capable,
not allowed by physics, nature, and nature's god,
however likely it seemed.

> Many are not, should we punish them anyway?

How many families can be destroyed by killing one person?
How many will mourn?
How many will war to kill the killers?
If a government kills one person when will it stop?

> Are you suggesting original sin?

I suggest forgiveness and understanding.
Please elaborate on original sin.
I want to be sure I know what that implies.
Would that imply humanity is evil
and God was wrong when he said all was good?

> A clone is mental masterbation?

I will interpret that as well as I can.

If you are asking if clones are not identical( same)
I say yes they are not completly exact and totally true copies
nor should they be considered
a one soley singular person or conglomerate entity.
Though they have similarities and common traits
(chimps share a majority of genetic traits w/ humans)
it only takes one difference to seperate their identities.
Twins are two people even if they share a waist( Siamese twins).

If you are asking if they are a waste of time,
I say, in a major sense, yes.
Cracking the genetic code for improvement is important to me.
Reproducing the code we have now is not.
98% of parents are unfit communicators, educators, and providers.
Think of ALL the children who have EVER been desperate, homeless, sick,
hungry, ignored, maladjusted, abused, enslaved, tortured, murdered( need I
go on?).
Remember 70 year olds are children too, every one has a parent/creator.

We need to care for the children we have before we make more.
The global community with easier access to communications
will bring humanity together from the youth up.
Teens are the ones on the net who grow up talking to people world-wide.
They are the ones who will help each other when adults have failed.
Point being we have enough unloved people.

One good some what related aspect could come about
if people become sterile and procreated solely via genetic engineering.
That would decrease accidental, unwanted, unprepared for progeny.
It would also pass on genes of choice.