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Subject: Re: incomprehensible changes? - for Eachus

Robert I. Eachus ( wrote:
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: > I'm still not convinced that it is possible for the two to
: > arrive in that order. And at fifty-one, I may not make it into
: > your first gods category, but I suspect that a majority of those
: > reading this will.

: > 51+20=71
: > You might make it.

: My father is 77, my mother 75, and with the longevity on both sides
: of the family, I wouldn't count either of them out. (Or Willie Ware
: for that matter.) My best estimate of the date you had to be alive
: and kicking to catch the boat was always Jan. 1, 2001. As that date
: comes closer it looks pretty good. Not everyone alive then will be
: alive Jan. 1, 3001, but I bet considerably more than half are.

: > Have you considered cryonics yet?

: Yes, and rejected it. But there is a much more interesting
: speculation...

I am curious why, given your obvious excellent understanding of the
situation. I was exposed to nanotechnology *very* early, having known
Eric Drexler since the min 70s. It took a considerable time, but I
eventually came to the conclusion that it made no sense to be one of the
very last people to be lost, so I signed up. Eventually I volunteered to
help, and have been involved with freezing about 20 of Alcor's patients.
(In recent years doing surgery to put the patients on cardiac bypass for
cryoprotective perfusion.)

I don't recomend that level of involvement for everyone :-) but cryonics
is relatively inexpensive for the chance it offers. Keith Henson