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> These are definitely jpg's that should be used to frighten the unwashed
> heathen away from the pigdog web page.
> Check out this Mir Aimal Kansi
> aka: Mir Aimal Kanci, Mir Aimal Kasi, Mohammed Alam Kasi, Mir Aman Qazi,
> Mir Amial Qansi, Amial Khan
> Reward: $2 MILLION
> Mir Aimal Kansi is being sought in connection with the shooting of five
> individuals with an AK-47 assault rifle. The January 1993 shooting
> outside CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia,
> and resulted in the killing of two individuals and the wounding of three
Here is some background on the killings.
The CIA agent who was killed in this shooting was a field agent who had been
operating in the town from which Mir came. No connection had been
established, last I had heard, between these two persons. However, the
assumption was that it was a "hit" that had been carefully planned for some
time. Mir, by the way, had traveled from the Middle East to the US for no
apparent reason other than this killing.
Also, if memory serves me correctly, Mir had purchased an AR-15 and had
intended to use that instead. After a couple of days, he attempted to return
the rifle to the gunstore, but was not permitted to get a refund. Instead,
he exchanged for the AK-47, a firearm with which he was more familiar, at a
loss of several hundred dollars.
If the CIA knows why its man was "hit", no one has reported--at least not in
a declassified text. That leaves the background of the entire affair to

"Infidel, do not cast your gaze upon my sister! Allah, give me the strength
to retaliate!"