Re: BOOKS/REQUEST: Most popular fiction titles?

Sarah Marr (
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 23:39:35 +0100

Alexander Chislenko wrote:

> We (Firefly, Inc.) are working now on a book recommendation
>system for Barnes and Noble, and are trying to come up with
>lists of important books in each of the fiction categories that
>would allow us to better survey tastes of different groups of
>readers. If you can recommend such lists, or can suggest some
>particular titles that you think would be good for a survey,
>please let me know.

You could have a quick browse through the >H/Extropian booklist on my site,
which would give you some titles suggested by people on these lists.

And, to anybody else out there, I'm still happy to receive new entries via
my personal email address.

(And, thinking about it, I'm still open to entries for the >H/Extropian
list members biographies section of my site.)


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