BOOKS/REQUEST: Most popular fiction titles?

Alexander Chislenko (
Thu, 03 Apr 1997 14:48:32 -0500

We (Firefly, Inc.) are working now on a book recommendation
system for Barnes and Noble, and are trying to come up with
lists of important books in each of the fiction categories that
would allow us to better survey tastes of different groups of
readers. If you can recommend such lists, or can suggest some
particular titles that you think would be good for a survey,
please let me know.
The books should not necessarily be "the best" in a category
from any point of view, and may not be current bestsellers.
The purpose is that after we ask the users to rate these titles,
we can have some [preliminary but] decent understanding of their

The book categories we are interested at this point are:

1. Action/Adventure/family saga/war
2. Erotica
3. Espionage / Intrigue
4. Folklore
5. Gay/Lesbian fiction
6. Horror/suspense/thriller/ghost
7. Humorous fiction
8. Literary/classic
9. Mystery and detective
10. Mythology
11. Religious fiction
12. Romance
13. Science Fiction
14. Fantasy
15. Westerns

I would greatly appreciate it if you could nominate some titles
and authors; if you have the ISBNs, it would be better still.

Please send any suggestions you have to <>

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