Re: Hate IRC? Was: Hate mail anyone?

Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 23:58:11 MDT

Yes, you experienced culture shock, because the IRC rooms tend to be composed
of snerts (sniveling nasty egotistical repulsive teenagers). The bad thing
about IRC in my opinion, is the silence, as the kiddies come into rooms to
meet, and end up in private message land.

AOL, one can meet birds of a feather, at least, but is surely, not worth the
mention for most on this, and many other lists. Yahoo, is as vicious as
anything on IRC, yet the ignore feature, works wonderfully.

I have yet to ever see a chatroom that is rigorously, intellectual, or
informed, in general. Extropianism has not yet captured the intelligentsia,
quite yet, nor have grass roots rooms fared well. This may take more time and
much more effort. Perhaps, someone here can open up an IRC chat or one on
Yahoo, to fill the bill? People are busy, so keeping such a room sustained
might still be difficult. Perhaps we might consider "mini" Extropian
conventions, online, in our own chats? People "know" each other from emails
and conventions; perhaps doing an online chat 1 or 2 times per month, on
weekends, is workable? Or maybe not. I shall let the leaders lead.


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<< I didn't quite realize how hostile people could be about these topics
 till this last weekend. Years ago back when the web was new, I used to enjoy
 going to IRC and getting on #philosophy channel and listening to the debate,
 and jumping in myself having a great time. It was wonderful. Well, I went
 back and when I got on the channel again, there was a strange silence that
 went on many mins. I then tried to spur things on by trying to discuss the
 recent AI developments I knew about. At once, I was attacked by people...
 Not with arguments, but completely unexpected responses, most saying " >>

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