Hate IRC? Was: Hate mail anyone?

From: Jerry Mitchell (jmitch12@tampabay.rr.com)
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 20:11:38 MDT

I didn't quite realize how hostile people could be about these topics either
till this last weekend. Years ago back when the web was new, I used to enjoy
going to IRC and getting on #philosophy channel and listening to the debate,
and jumping in myself having a great time. It was wonderful. Well, I went
back and when I got on the channel again, there was a strange silence that
went on many mins. I then tried to spur things on by trying to discuss the
recent AI developments I knew about. At once, I was attacked by people...
Not with arguments, but completely unexpected responses, most saying "go
away", "this was stupid", "machines suck" (and this is candy coating a lot
of it). I found one single person in the channel that seemed to even
approach the subject so me and him/her chatted away a few while the rest of
the people took shots at me. The conversation led into more generalized
technological developments and as soon as I mentioned the recent time travel
possibility that just popped up, I was immediately disconnected by the Op
and BANNED!!! Have things gone so far that the average person cant stand to
even hear a potential breakthrough?! Or should I just chalk this up as the
unwashed masses have finally arrived and I was just expecting a bit more
from them? I can see this coming from a channel like #hottub or #partyzone,
but I get this response from the great intellectuals on the #philosophy
channel? What do we do with all these crazy people!!!!?

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