META: Posting news [was: Re: NANO: IBM breakthrough for making chips with nanotubes]

From: Max More (
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 10:24:56 MDT

At 08:07 AM 5/1/01, Technotranscendence/Daniel wrote:
>This came out yesterday. I'm surprised no one on the list posted it.
>Anyhoo, I think this is the way nanotech will take off -- i.e., by
>applications that are mundane and not really directly nanoassembler related.

I posted two or three news items yesterday, and enjoy it when others do so.
Thanks for posting this one, Daniel. I didn't post it partly because I was
in work mode and partly because it seemed like an interesting but
incremental breakthrough.

I'm curious to know if most List subscribers like to see alerts to
important developments posted to the List. I am assuming they do. Feedback
on this is welcome. In the absence of substantial feedback, I will continue
posting these kinds of items and encourage others to do so. It adds plenty
of signal.




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