Re: Living Forever

Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 10:10:37 MDT

Too true, Samatha, because not everyone is going to be a ''lazy-bones' and
let the universe do whatever it chooses. In fact from an evolutionary point
of view, our ' purpose ' in the universe may be to 're-start it'. Arthur C.
Clarke had one of his characters speculate this, in his novel, Songs of
Distant Earth.


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<< > If Tipler said it, it's almost certainly gotta be wrong.
< > There's nothing more uncomfortable than building your theodicy on the
<> shaped spacetime.
> So, do you think no Power will ever learn to change the shape of
 spacetime or blow
 their own universe when this one gets too s-l-o-w? The shape of the
 universe at
 present need not be a reason to dismiss Tipler's ideas completely.
 - samantha<

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