Extro5: Bunk needed...

From: Michael Lorrey (mlorrey@datamann.com)
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 18:32:30 MDT

I have been very much interested in coming out west for Extro5, however
I just learned that I won't be working much at all this month due to a
slowdown at Datamann, which is obviously causing some pucker factor with
my finances, and putting into question my whole plan of doing a grand
tour of Extro 5 plus doing the Rainbow Gathering in the northwest and
operating an 'Extropy Camp' to promote transhumanist issues among the
greeny stomping grounds.

In an attempt to economize, I am soliciting the other members who live
in the area, or who have a spare bed in a hotel room if they can
accomodate a New England Redneck Extropian for the conference. I'm not
broke, but I'd like to save as much as possible on this (and if anyone
wants to throw some work my way, I'm up for that too!!!! I'd much rather
work for it... ;))

Mike Lorrey
(HTML, Perl, Javascript, misc desktop publishing & graphic design, some
cobol, know my way around unix, etc... oh, and I am a WIZARD at trimming
shrubbery! ;) )

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