Re: Extro5: Bunk needed...

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 18:28:58 MDT

How are you at helping people throw boxes of old papers out? :)

Michael Lorrey wrote:
> I have been very much interested in coming out west for Extro5, however
> I just learned that I won't be working much at all this month due to a
> slowdown at Datamann, which is obviously causing some pucker factor with
> my finances, and putting into question my whole plan of doing a grand
> tour of Extro 5 plus doing the Rainbow Gathering in the northwest and
> operating an 'Extropy Camp' to promote transhumanist issues among the
> greeny stomping grounds.
> In an attempt to economize, I am soliciting the other members who live
> in the area, or who have a spare bed in a hotel room if they can
> accomodate a New England Redneck Extropian for the conference. I'm not
> broke, but I'd like to save as much as possible on this (and if anyone
> wants to throw some work my way, I'm up for that too!!!! I'd much rather
> work for it... ;))
> Mike Lorrey
> (HTML, Perl, Javascript, misc desktop publishing & graphic design, some
> cobol, know my way around unix, etc... oh, and I am a WIZARD at trimming
> shrubbery! ;) )

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