Re: Made in China

From: Neal Blaikie (
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 15:35:16 MDT wrote:

> But the "they" that will pay are almost entirely those innocent of keeping
> the spy plane/crew. Isn't a basic tenet of morality around here that you
> don't punish the innocent?
> P.S. I don't see what's to get so riled up about. Holding some hostages
> in a hotel for two weeks is awfully mild compared to ongoing wars in
> Congo or Israel, to severe repression in Afghanistan, or even to the
> drug "war" in the US. As to keeping the spy plane, seriously, what do
> you expect? The US would do the same if it had stuff to learn from
> their equipment. If you want to induce good behavior throughout the
> world, there are scads of more significant targets.

I think this whole spy plane thing is so boring and "old world." Snore. Who
cares what the little monkeys do to each other & their toys? It's so
incredibly juvenile and entropic. As long as we expend energy on this crap,
we'll never be able to leave it behind. Grow up, primates!

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