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Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 15:15:38 MDT


On Fri, 20 Apr 2001, John Marlow wrote:

> Thank you for making my point (ends-justify-the-means thinking).
> And how big a step is it from this to drawing ethnic lines?
> Or augmented/nonaugmented human/posthuman lines?
> The lesser to be viewed as raw experimental material for the benefit
> of the self-defined greater?

Sentient: an entity with the biological potential for abstract thought
and abstract communication.

Person: a subset of entities which has the demonstrated capacity for
abstract thought and communication to the point where (given the right
training and stage in their lifecycle) they can negotiate with and
enter into contracts with other Persons.

Human: a subset of Persons that you and I are potentially capable of
reproducing (using the traditional equipment) with either directly or
through our immediate descendants.

Of course, these are just rules of thumb. I'm sure the bright folks on
this list can come up with all kinds of wierd exceptions and
hypothetical scenarios. That's okay, life is supposed to contain
ambiguity. All I know is that so far these rules have served me well
in not doing anything that would come back to haunt me.

As for super/trans/post humans? I don't think I can influence the
actions of these beings through some kind of sympathetic magic
consisting of not preying on beings down the food chain from me. If I
had to interact with a superior being, I suppose I would hope for the
best and prepare for the worst, as usual.

> You have stepped onto a slippery slope, mein freund--slick with
> blood.

We all get to choose slippery slopes. Perhaps all the slopes there are
to choose from are slippery. I like the ones that are visibly slippery
and don't provide the false comfort of a moral high ground. It's the
ones who believe in an absolute morality that have done the most harm,

> Let us hope the little gray guys do not feel the same about us,
> hmm..?

I'm lost, are we talking about lampreys or those big-headed bulging
black-eyed ones stoners have on their shirts? I'm not worried about
the grays, it's the Chrysallids that really get under my skin. ;-)

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