Re: Made in China

From: dwayne (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 01:00:17 MDT


> What's so special anyway about countries, about geographic location?
> I have a lot more in common with European Extropians than with the people
> who live next door. How does it benefit me for my country to be able to
> produce its own tin or flax? What difference does it make if something
> is manufactured in Detroit or Dublin?
> Are we supposed to be patriotic? To love our country and respect our
> leaders? To get a lump in our throat when we see the flag? I certainly
> hope you are not expecting appeals to Jingoistic patriotism to be
> effective here.

Yes, I'd always thought that extropians would be above such foolish nation-state
loyalties, and be more "citizens of planet earth" types, but I see such jingoism here so
often that I'm a permanent lurker.

I'd recommend working out where your money eventually winds up, and spend accordingly.
No point supporting local industries if your money is used to fund rainforest clearing
in south east asia, or arms merchants, etc.

Not that i actually make such an effort myself, but it's a good way to think about
spending your money :-/

Actually, what is needed is some stores whihc work along the same lines as the ethical
investment firms they have in australia, where everything sold is amde under safe,
sustainable, decent conditions, won't harm the environment, etc. One day.


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