Re: Made in China

Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 16:17:33 MDT

Brian D Williams, <>, writes:
> I am arguing that a country should maintain core competencies in
> the basics of life, it should grow as much of it's own food as
> possible (and economical), it should produce much of it's own
> clothing.

Why? And why does this reasoning not apply to the smaller units like
states and cities and houses?

What's so special anyway about countries, about geographic location?
I have a lot more in common with European Extropians than with the people
who live next door. How does it benefit me for my country to be able to
produce its own tin or flax? What difference does it make if something
is manufactured in Detroit or Dublin?

Are we supposed to be patriotic? To love our country and respect our
leaders? To get a lump in our throat when we see the flag? I certainly
hope you are not expecting appeals to Jingoistic patriotism to be
effective here.


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