A whole new game was: A.I.

From: Dan Fabulich (daniel.fabulich@yale.edu)
Date: Sat Apr 14 2001 - 00:40:13 MDT

Bryan Moss wrote:

> http://www.inourimage.org/
> http://www.unite-and-resist.org/
> http://www.spcb.org/

Now, first time I encountered these, I thought they were real.
They're not. They're part of the hundreds of pages of fake info made
up by the advertisers for A.I.

It's a game, you see. And thousands of people are playing it. And
nobody knows the rules.

It starts with a bizarre name listed in the credits to the new trailer
for A.I.: "Sentient Machine Therapist - Jeanine Salla"

Look her up in Google, and you'll get: http://www.jeaninesalla.com

Moreover etched in the letters of SUMMER 2001 are a number. There are
five notches in the S, no notches in the U, etc. This number is 503
321 5122.

Call this number. Then visit the web site the number gives you...


      -unless you love someone-
    -nothing else makes any sense-
           e.e. cummings

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