Re: Aging, cancer, and why radiation might be a good thing

From: John Marlow (
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 23:51:54 MDT

Something is awry; this flies in the face of all available evidence
of which I'm aware. Very likely they have something else in common,
if results are accurate.

Cynical question: Who funded this?


On 14 Apr 2001, at 1:18, Brian Atkins wrote:

> There is an interesting article in the March 17 New Scientist called "Cruel
> to be Kind" about the research work of Thomas Johnson. His lab site is here:
> unfortunately I can't find the article online so far. But it talks about
> how a little bit of radiation and other kinds of stress might actually be
> a good thing. For instance studies of thousands of nuclear workers that
> are exposed to something like 10 times the normal background radiation
> live on average 17% longer than "normal" people, and have HALF the amount
> of cancer. Also of interest is just the general fact that cancer used to
> be far less common in the 19th and earlier centuries. Some people claim
> this is due to people living longer in 20th century and other factors like
> widespread smoking, but could it also be due to the fact that we are living
> such stress-free (in terms of physical environment, not mental stress...)
> lives that our immune systems are slacking off? The EPA is running a study
> now on whether low-level radiation would be beneficial... by 2003 you may
> be encouraged to take vitamins containing radionuclides.
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