Re: "analog computer" = useless hypothesis?

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 23:36:41 MDT

From: "Jim Fehlinger" <>
> You're beginning to sound as desperate to find somebody to justify your
> ruling out the possibility of analog computing as the Vatican
> is to find neuroscientists who allow Catholics to cling
> to Cartesian dualism (e.g. Sir John Eccles).

So, then we can add "Cartesian dualism" to the list of useless hypotheses...
No wait... that's already covered by philosophy.
See, the idea is to help folks avoid wasting time and resources, and one way
to do that is to start a list of useless hypotheses.

--J. R.

Useless hypotheses:
 consciousness, phlogiston, philosophy, vitalism, mind, free will, qualia,
analog computing

Everything that can happen has already happened, not just once, but an
infinite number of times, and will continue to do so forever.

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