BIOTECH: Proteomics alliance

From: Max More (
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 23:37:42 MDT

This caught my attention because the story mentioned Myriad Genetics -- a
proteomics company I've been following. Hitachi are also involved. Oracle
is supplying computing power. Ellison has shown strong interest in biotech
and has endowed his foundation with plenty of money for far-sighted biotech
research. (Alas, from what I hear, those who administer the foundation are
not as far-sighted as Ellison.) Here's an excerpt for those interested in
the convergence of IT and biotech, and for those looking for a possible
investment (Myriad is well off last year's levels and has a good technology

>Ellison, the nation's second-richest man, is enthralled with biotech's
>potential. He has invested some of his own money in biotech start-ups and
>in February told a conference of Oracle customers he would seek out a
>career in the biotechnology industry if he were just starting out in
>business today.




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