Re: Do you ever run after your EPT?

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Date: Sat Mar 24 2001 - 16:35:49 MST

Do extropians wander?
No, because they're irresistibly drawn toward phase transition, the biggest exhaust box explosion ever to transform whole systems of governance, economics, and social orders...
Wandering into this evolutionary punctuation corresponds to a fat, pink worm wandering into a nest of fire ants. Or a barenaked lady wandering into a Hell's Angel's rave. Go by as soothingly as you can, and it still draws you into the maelstrom. If enough people expect something really Big to happen, eventually they'll make it happen. One way and another.
So, you see, the Extropic Phase TransitionT keeps us jumpin' time to wander. And if we had to run after our EPT... well, how could we call it "ours."

As seeds must stop existing as seeds so that they can sprout and grow into plants (possibly phototropic ones), so humans experience a shattering re-invention of themselves so that we can cognitively metamorphose into transhumans (possibly extropic ones).
Bury seeds in the ground, and they die (as seeds), and germinate into stems and roots, which go on to transcend the seeds by tapping into evolution over time.
Immerse people in hyper-networks, and they die (as people), and develop into social meme-clusters and self-organizing hive-brains, which go on to transcend their former selves by breaking the tether of evolution.


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> > May we never need to run after our EPT (Extropic Phase TransitionT).
> Beware of the wandering Extropian that ve shall not take fright as you pass ver by.
> Do not explode the exhaust box at ver. Go soothingly by.
> Jim F.

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