Re: the deeply important matter of t-shirts

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 04:53:41 MST

At 07:20 PM 3/21/01 -0900, John Grigg wrote in part:

>P.S. Just a little reminder, everyone needs to rush out and buy a copy of
"the Spike"
>by Damien Broderick. The book should be on sale at Extro 5 with me
>it so you can all have the chance to look at it.

Um, calm down, chief. I do appreciate your enthusiasm for my book, but I
wouldn't wish people to grow weary of the thing before they've seen it. :)

I'm especially conscious of this hazard having been denounced several times
recently in the most astonishing way by some jackass on
rec.arts.sf.written, after I posted what was taken to be an ad (I prefer to
regard it, naturally, as a gentlemanly nod toward an url of interest to the
membership), which was construed as intolerable spam. Horrors!

Damien Broderick

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