Re: the deeply important matter of t-shirts

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 21:20:50 MST

T-shirts are a matter of extreme importance and I am glad it is getting the focused attention needed. I just hope sweatshirts are also provided for people from the colder climes like Alaska.

Robert wrote:
>E. Shaun, your opportunity is coming, I'll bet you 10 extro-points >that before E-7, we will have shirts that play music...

Aren't there already greeting cards and underwear which play music? lol I guess it just won't stop there...

Natasha stated:
>Now, we could go wild and have several kick-ass shirts, but this is >Max's decision as Chair of the conference.

Max happens to be a very kick-ass guy so I bet he will allow it! :) But of course, the final decision is his.

Anders shared:
>I guess that the front of the singularity t-shirt ought to be
>something like ?

So, a graph which is spiking through the roof. Hey, better let Damien in on this one!

I feel t-shirts are simply not enough. We need an extropian variation of the redneck hat with the two straps for soda cans and the connecting straw. Ours will have a witty saying about boosting brainpower and the sodas will in fact be nootropics. Then again...

Seriously, we need baseball style caps with extropian symbols and sayings. I don't know how things are in Europe or Australia but in the U.S. we just love our baseball caps. Alcor has them for sale which is a sign.

best wishes,


P.S. Just a little reminder, everyone needs to rush out and buy a copy of "the Spike" by Damien Broderick. The book should be on sale at Extro 5 with me promoting it so you can all have the chance to look at it.

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