Yes! T-Shirt at Extro-5 Conference!

Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 11:21:52 MST


My earlier message bounced, so I had a few minutes to dig deeper -:)

The Extro-4 T-shirt was designed but not produced, unfortunately.

After Extro-1, I decided to use the conference logo as the design for that
year's T-shirt (thus, as Anders explained the logo design of Extro-3 was a luminous yellow against a deep black; a spin on this was used for Extro-2.)

This year Extro-5 will be in keeping with this design concept. The T-shirt
design will be the logo for Extro-5 (as you can see at and located on the front of the T-shirt.

Now, what will be a surprise and only released on the day of the Conference
will be what I do with that design and how the design translates on the T-shirt!

IDEA: On the back of the T-shirt we like to use an extropic phrase. Why not pitch your ideas/words for the language on the back of the T-shirt?



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Extropy Institute

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