Re: Yes! T-Shirt at Extro-5 Conference!

Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 15:06:07 MST

Robert wrote:

>> IDEA: On the back of the T-shirt we like to use an extropic phrase.
Why not pitch your ideas/words for the language on the back of the T-shirt?<<

>Natasha, how about some off the wall irreverent T-shirts as
well as the more serious (simple or artistic) ones? I'd love to
get a T-shirt with Eli's "10 Signs the Singularity is Imminent"
or whatever he called it (someone will have to get it out of the
Archives or Eli will have to repost it).<

I'd love to get on with "Primo 3M+ 2001" on it, or one with Greg Burch's posted URL's of anti-technology sites, or wouldn't it be great to have a T-shirt with with Max's "Letter to Mother Nature" on it! But, I already have the design for Extro-5. Just need some creative ideas regarding the phrase on back. Now, we could go wild and have several kick-ass shirts, but this is Max's decision as Chair of the conference.

>I liked my Death-to-Death slide from Extro-4, that would make
a great T-shirt, but I suspect its a copyrighted drawing.<

I sent a post which I don't think made it to the list replying to Brian where I suggested Sasha's "Enhanced Reality" essay printed on the shirt and also (back or front) would have an image from his "Visionary Thinkers" Web site which would show Sasha's face.

Next year or so, we could have a scratch and sniff, but I'd rather have a press and play -:)


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