Re: Tragedy and Boredom was Re: Why just simulation? (fwd)

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 11:37:39 MST

> spike writes: Its a dark comedy {as is life, eh?} but the acting
> > of the three main characters is terrific....
> > As Good As It Gets fans, comment?

> wrote:

> That is one of the absolute numero uno favorite movies of all time in our
> household and has at times become a kind of "video wallpaper" around here --
> if I added up all partial viewings, I may have seen it more than 20 times. I
> also happen to think that it is a deeply extropian film:

*THANK* *YOU* Greg. I never thought of it as an extropian
film, I just really liked it. I saw it 4 times in the theatre. My favorite
movie from the past 10 years by a long margin.

As for household catchphrases, whenever a bad situation arises,
we lighten it up a little with the Nicholsonesque "What if... this...
is as good as it gets." {8^D spike

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